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We improve lives

Founded in 2010, Visible Memory Foundation works with our members and volunteers to help families in need and especially people who have been victims of extreme violence. In addressing this reality, we are guided by a vision of social justice. We believe in the protection and promotion of human rights, we believe in building a society where it is possible to provide opportunities for everyone and thus allow new generations to reach their full potential.
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A helping hand

The Visible Memory Foundation promotes changes in language, imagination and attitudes that have historically fostered all kinds of violent behaviors in human behavior. We believe that it is possible to develop a social intelligence, in which people have a renewed awareness of the impact of their actions, as well as new citizen habits for conflict management where peaceful conflict resolution, restoration and otherness converge. We strive to inspire people through educational programs and sharing economy services. We support social leaders and artists. We prioritize supporting artist-driven projects and organizations that include deep and meaningful engagement with communities. We are convinced that art and innovation are fundamental tools to achieve real and tangible changes that allow us to restore our reality.



No more wasted talents!

Art feeds the spirit and that is why the Visible Memory Foundation promotes different options so that young people can access resources and virtual classes online to develop their artistic skills through free scholarships financed by our sponsors.
In principle, we support children and young people who demonstrate skills in music and photography, but who do not have the financial means to perfect themselves in their instrument or discipline, or who for geographical reasons are unable to access artistic education opportunities.
For Visible Memory Foundation it is essential to be able to extend its learning methodology to young talents, so that they can expand their possibilities and creative knowledge.


The climate crisis is a reality

Within this line are lies the efforts to build a visual fund that allows to preserve through images the environmental wealth of the planet. We intent to generate awareness of good use of water and all environmental resources that are currently threatened

by human irrationality.
We Contribute to the dissemination of ancestral memory, visible and intangible, and consolidate an Education for Sustainable Development (EDS) that allows us to internalize the concepts of resignification of living in a sustainable, fair and full world.


We promote respect for Human Rights

The social groups and vulnerable communities of the planet must be the point of reference for the development of any type of initiative guided for the recovery of dignity and the beginning of new system of human development.

The problems and conflicts of any nature extend over them, in most cases, without any kind of protection or international surveillance that denounce the violation of human rights.

Based on them, we develop projects that promote awareness and the fundamental knowledge to build a future full of humanity. The actions designed point a route in the construction of a culture of peace that promotes citizen participation, respect and the peaceful solution of conflicts.


We have made quality our habit. It’s not something that we just strive for – we live by this principle every day.


"The victims of violence, those who did not have a second chance, demand more hours of forgiveness and less minutes of silence."

The "Otherness Expedition" proposes an itinerant artistic exhibition developed from a concept known as “immersive art” and subjective experience. This expedition revolves around the peaceful resolution of conflicts, the power of forgiveness, the promotion of nonviolence through a photographic exhibition, new technologies and a practical seminar.

The proposal intends to visit, in the beginning, the communities affected by acts of extreme violence (shootings) in the recent history of the United States. The route of the expedition in its pilot phase includes a city in each of the following states: Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Virginia, New York, Connecticut, Minnesota, Nebraska, Colorado, California, Arizona and Texas.

Virtual music school

We tune talents

Visible Memory Foundation has developed an innovative pedagogy of music courses. Our methodology allows students to progress effectively, enjoy the lessons, and advance at their own pace. We believe in virtuality but the relationship with a live teacher for all our classes is a priority. We offer complementary videos but our strength lies in the effort to build a direct parents-teacher-student relationship that supports a personalized training. In this way, a pedagogy of creative freedom is developed and with tangible results.



The intention of the project “AGUACERO. Portraits of the planet that they called blue ”, is to make a photo documentary that allows the community to become aware of the enormous fragility that characterizes the world's water wealth. To clarify the concept of photo documentary, the words of Francisco Birri can be taken up again: “It is simply going out with a camera and an audio recorder to meet the reality of the environment, to talk, to photograph faces, people, places, animals, plants but above all problems of the same habitat ”. With the result of this research we intend to offer viewers a visual and scientific sample of what we are obliged to deliver to future generations. Our goal is to create awareness, modify habits and teach those who still think that nature takes care of itself, that environmental ethics is more than a concept, it is a responsibility.

"Goodness is the language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see."

Mark Twain



With your support, many children can be guided to develop their potential. You can become a monthly donor and sponsor a child's classes, volunteer your time and talents, or simply spread the word to your friends. There are different ways to support Visible Memory Foundation, and they all help children living in poverty have a different opportunity to navigate the valley of violence.


Peace, dignity and equality

Visible Memory Foundation works to promote and protect human rights for all. To help us with our work, you can make a donation or a tax deductible contribution in the United States. Your donation can help a victim of extreme violence, families that have been affected by tragedies such as forced displacement, or women who have been victims of sexual violence. We strive to strengthen values such as forgiveness, reconciliation, respect for differences, and peaceful conflict resolution. Through various strategies we combine art, communication and new technologies to make visible realities that the media prefer to ignore. Contact us to learn more about what we do with the donations we receive.

ENVIRONMENTAL RIGHTS The climate crisis is a reality

Visible Memory Foundation works to promote and protect environmental rights for all. To help us with our work, you can make a donation or a tax deductible contribution in the United States. We strive to strengthen values such as caring for water, a culture of recycling, reforestation, and caring for the environment. Through various strategies we combine art, communication and new technologies to make visible realities that the media prefer to ignore. Contact us to learn more about what we do with the donations we receive.

For us it is very important to have the right partners to successfully complete all projects. We invite you to join and contribute to our purpose: stop the cycle of violence, work so that there are no more wasted talents and build a better present for the new generations. If you are inspired by the causes that Visible Memory Foundation promotes, we would greatly appreciate your support. Donate to Visible Memory Foundation today. It's easy and it will have a huge impact on the lives of many people in need. Contact us to find out more or click below to donate now!

CORPORATE GIVING Support one child at a time!

ONE-TIME DONATION Help us make a difference!

With your support we open a space where children are encouraged to dream, create and give the best of themselves. A child's imagination is limitless when he is nurtured and encouraged. Your donations can empower a child to escape the stresses of everyday life and find ingenious solutions to some of her biggest challenges.


Change a life!

Do you want to make a positive impact? It is as simple as making a donation. Become an annual sponsor to connect with a child and help him thrive. Give a complete voucher that represents the opportunity for children and young people to attend virtual classes and develop their full potential.

MONTHLY DONATION Sponsor a child and transform their life month by month

Your donation sponsors a young man who needs music lessons and who, due to various circumstances, is unable to pay for them. With your help, the Visible Memory Foundation can award full scholarships to children and young people who need to strengthen their talents. Scholarship recipients receive their classes and all academic material at no cost. Click here to sponsor a child's creative breakthrough month by month and snatch him out of the hands of violence.

"We are delighted to recognize this remarkable group of legendary artists, who remain very active, with this year's Lifetime Achievement and Trustees Awards," said Gabriel Abaroa Jr., President/CEO of The Latin Recording Academy. "Their outstanding accomplishments have created a timeless legacy within the Latin music world and beyond, and we look forward to honoring and celebrating each of them during Latin GRAMMY Week as we return to Las Vegas this November with our resilient community of Latin music lovers."

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Congratulations to our founder Egidio Cuadrado for his
2021 Grammy Award!
A well deserved "The Trustees Award"
for his career from the Academy.


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